Learner Driver Insurance * £2.70 per day for a typical DT (Dorchester) postode for a 3 month policy

A Comprehensive Insurance Scheme designed specifically for People Learning to Drive.

On average a learner driver will need 45 hours of driving lessons with a professional instructor and the Driving Standards Agency recommends further private practice of at least 20 hours.

But we all know that putting your name down on a parents of friends motor insurance as a named driver can be very expensive Our product allows you to have your own policy that can start from as little as £2.70 / day

What does it cover?

Our policy provides cover for learner drivers whilst undertaking driving tuition.

For example, you can use the Learner driver policy to cover your parent's or a friend's car whilst you learn to drive, without any risk to their insurance. It's a simple way to get behind the wheel without paying large extra premiums for adding a learner driver to a standard motor policy.

What type of cars can a learner driver use?

Our policy lets a learner drive most cars providing they are in insurance group 42 or less and have a current value of less than £20,000.

Is the cover fully comprehensive?

The insurance policy provides comprehensive cover for the vehicle by fire, theft or malicious damage and for accidents whilst you're driving the car. Cover is also provided whilst you're driving for injury to you and damage that you cause to other people and their property.

Who can supervise me whilst I'm learning to drive?

Any driver who is over 25, who currently holds a current valid full UK driving licence, and has done for at least three years, can accompany you. It need not been the person who owns the car.

Can a learner driver policy be the only insurance for the car?

No, this policy is designed to cover a car that belongs to someone else whilst you are driving so the car must remain insured by the main owner for other risks.

Great, how do I set a policy up?

Please call us at our Dorchester office 01305 266522 (office hours Mon-Fri 8:30-5) and we will go through everything with you there and then.