Small Holdings & Livestock Insurance

Our rural location and attention to detail, lends itself to being all to fully aware that standard home insurance policies do not provide cover for all rural land, property and smallholdings.

Whether you keep livestock, are a hobby farmer or have your own smallholding, here at P J Aiken, we can provide cover for your business and your home all-in-one policy.

Recognising that your property uses can be the difference between being covered or not is essential. Here at P J Aiken, we value these small difference. So whether its ensuring your dog is covered as a working dog, or your animals covered whilst in transit or simply covering your produce, machinery or outbuildings, we will tailor your policy to suit.

P J Aiken can offer you a review of your current policy, ensuring you are aware of the covers required to fully protect you, your property and assets.

To get a review or for a quotation comparison, contact our office on 01305 266 522